ProjPRIME Summer'13 TTLP Team Lesson

TEAM: Ellen Nelson, Shawna Crain, Melissa Jackson, Jacob Kidder (Bloomingdale Public Schools)
Subject Area: Math, Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1
Topic: Understand the concept, calculation, and application of slope.
Common Core Standards: 8.F.4
Math Practice Standards: MP1, MP4

Tags: Algebra_1, Barbie_Bungee, CC.8.F.4, Grade_8, Line_of_best_fit, Linear_Regression, MP1, PRIME_Summer'13_KRESA, Slope, TTLP

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This is a great activity. I really like your teacher guide with questions and guides for implementing the Mathematical Practices with this lesson. I am attending a Statistics Workshop this week and this is one of the activities. The point was made that as the number of rubber bands increases they stretch more so when you extrapolate the number for larger distances that should be taken into consideration.
Thank you for sharing a ready to use lesson.


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