A three-part lesson that develops students' understanding of how to solve multistep equations. The students will write equations for story problems as well as develop two ways (using distributive property or not) to solve problems. 

Students should be able to…


  • I can use the properties of real numbers to solve linear equations with rational number coefficients
  • I can solve equations that use the distributive property and/or collecting like terms


  • I can use a variable to represent an unknown quantity.
  • I can set up an equation to solve problems in the form px + q = r and p(x+q) = r.
  • I can solve multistep equations.
  • I can show my work and identify order of properties used to solve an equation.
  • I understand the solution in terms of the problem.
  • I can solve real-world problems using rational numbers in any form, including those problems involving multiple steps

The teacher notes, handouts, and answer key are included on 


Tags: 7.EE.4, 8.EE.7b, 8th_grade_math, Distributive_Property, Equations, Solving

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