Michigan adopted the Common Core State Standards in June 2010. Since we need to transition our curriculum to the CCSS, perhaps we could add a section about CCSS with a focus on Algebra 1.






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I think that's a good idea Stuart. There are a lot of posts out there in a variety of places on this topic. We'll think about a way to pull these together into a central location.
I would also suggest that we put a strong emphasis on the 8 standards for Mathematical Practice and help illuminate how a functions based approach helps facilitate the development of the standards.
I think that is a really good idea too.  The CCSS are very different, but after a training I went to this APril I think that the students will benefit and they are similar to teaching using a functions based approach.  The Standards in general have more real-life applications and look for relationships between different things. 


I am teaching CC Algebra this fall. Need some resources. What do you recommend.


I created a website for <a href="http://algebra1teachers.com">Algebra</a>  1. There are a ton of resources in the Livebinders as well.  http://algebra1teachers.com/LiveBinders.html

I hope this helps.


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