This is a cumulative review worksheet I put together for my Algebra 2 students to get them back in the math mode after spring break.  It covers topics from rational functions and probability.

I have my students make some kind of notecard or graphic organizer for each chapter so that when I assign a review they have the resources to help them remember how to do the problems.

I usually follow a cumulative review assignment with a cumulative review quiz where I allow them to use their note cards or graphic organizers.  I have found that it is a good way to get them to practice key ideas and try and move information into long term memory.

The format works out nicely.  Some of my students take two copies and make flashcards, putting the problems on one side and then working them out on the back.  They cut out the squares and glue them together.

If you like this idea and have any techniques that you use to get your students to review, please share.

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I really like your idea and will probably try it with my students.  My question is:  Do you have them make the note cards or graphic organizers as you go along or when you give them the review?  I do graphic organizers but have difficulty getting my students to actually use them.  

I have the students make some type of notecard for every chapter. I start the notecard with them once we have covered about half of a chapter. The idea is to condense their notes into something that will help them right away and then have something to help them when it is time to review for the semester exam. Allowing them to use it on a quiz before the chapter test is an incentive to do a quality job making a notecard. The cumulative review worksheet has a quiz that follows. I let them use their graphic organizers and notecards on the cumulative review quiz. I use a weighted average and put the cumulative review quiz into a 10 percent category that counts more than homework but less than the test category . I am teaching comics right now. I am going to put the equations on a page with some blank graphs and run them off on colored card stock .

Nice review sheet.  Usually, it takes the kids a day or two to get back into the sinc of things.

This will be a good way to get them goin!

Here is the quiz that goes along with the cumulative review assignment.  I allowed the students to use their graphic organizer and notecard when they took the quiz.  I would like to report that they all did outstanding, but that would not be true.  I still struggle with how to motivate every student to study and put forth their best effort.  The rational expressions and solving rational equations are difficult topics for many students.  It is a process and I am constantly looking for ways to get them to review and practice.  Any suggestions of what works in your classroom would be appreciated.




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