Here is Dan Meyer's take on assessment, which I have used a variation on it in my Algebra 1 classes. Here is his paper, and his blog post. 

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I used this last year with my Algebra 1 class and I loved it! The kids loved it! They felt like it was fair and I always knew exactly where they were in their understanding. Now I am looking at the Common Core and I am wondering, "can I do both?"

Do you have any ideas? I was thinking of doing a two part assessment. One part of the assessment like Dan's model and one part a shorter performance task. 

Good question.  Standards-based grading seems like it would work in a lot of ways.  I use the same system with my classes and I really like the idea.  The idea of a performance task is interesting, I think time management would be the largest issue.

Ok... Here is my take on it...Below is a link to my assessments for Unit 1, Algebra 1. It is a 4 week unit, so 4 assessments. But I am also working in two (shorter) performance tasks.

Let me know what you think. 


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