The homework for day six (assigned January 6th and due on February 5th) is to complete an online Algebra Tiles activity. This activity focuses on multiplication, factoring, and completing the square, but will also provide links to the past activities that introduce algebra tiles and cover modeling expressions, addition and subtraction, and solving equations.

There will be a direct link to the activities on the front page of this site on January 8th and the link will be added here as well.

Use this discussion forum as an area to discuss this activity. Or feel free to start a new discussion about a particular aspect of Algebra Tiles and these topics. Discussions could include advantages and disadvantages of physical and virtual algebra tiles, suggestions for classroom implementation, etc.

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In the demo today there was a small glitch on one example. It has been fixed. If you encounter any problems or have suggestions or other feedback it is all welcome here. Thanks.
This is a great hands on concept for the kids I have. I believe that I would first show them with them algebra tiles in class, but very quickly move into this. I believe it would help with some of the behavior issues and if schools do not have enough algebra tiles for all students. The only problem I see, is what happens when a school does not have an available computer lab, or even computers to do this with the kids? The concept is great, but not all schools have these resources yet. Any ideas?
I haven't used Algebra tiles like this since college, and I never really liked them. I think that when I use them in class, it would be nice to have a computer program like this one for my students to use. Does anyone have a program out there, and can anyone give me ideas where I can purchase one for my students that deal with the algebra tiles. I can see myself using the actual tiles in class, then going to the computer lab and using a program like this one that I just used...

--- Mike Domagalski (Lakeview Community Schools)
I am not sure the A4A moderators will make the program available for our student's use, but in the meantime here is a link you could use

The program is a little messy, but it may be worthwhile.
There's no reason that you can't bring the homework activity up on computers at your school for students to use.
I was hoping that would be the response. I have used algebra tiles before, but this is better in several ways--contained, easy to clean (clear) and reset problems. Has hints and the student can do several iterations.
I am not a big tile person myself; I also think it would be great for the computer but I still can't see pulling out the tiles in class. I have a hard time getting through all the material in our 10 week trimester!!!
Utah State University hosts the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives ( This site is a wealth of online manipulatives. The Algebra Balance Scales ( is an online activity using the algebra tile concepts with a balance scale. It reinforces the need to balance equations on both sides.
I have completed the online homework.
Is there a way to confirm that it has been recorded?
I agree with KC, is there a way to confirm we are complete? Great question.
Completion of this homework assignment is on the honor system, just like every other homework assignment has been. We could have made the assignment as a course in Learnport, which would give us a record of who has completed the homework, but would also add a lot more steps and potential confusion for some people on how to access them. We chose to go with the easiest possible way to help people access the activity, which does not include tracking. It's a trade off, but I think overall the ease of access is more important.
Thanks for the reply David. That sounds great to me. Have a good weekend.


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