Here is a quick introduction to exponential growth functions.

I used a roll of bounty paper towels because it has the small tear off sections.

It was quick, got the class engaged right away and provided a good discussion of exponential growth.

Another teacher liked the idea, but used wax paper instead of paper towel sections.

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good one ...

looking forward to using it in the next week

nicely done...

I really like your lesson. It is very similar to the paper-folding activity we looked at in the AFA online course.  I think that having some students fold regular paper, some fold paper towel, some fold a large piece of chart paper, some fold construction paper etc. will really add to the conversation in your teacher notes regarding the implications of changing the size and/or thickness of the object to be folded. 

What I liked most about your lesson, though, was the scaffolding of the worksheet that students had to fill out.  The boxes were right there for students to fill in and so was the graph.  I think that students  could definitely be successful with this activity and I am a firm believer that success breeds future effort.

Thank you for sharing this lesson.

Kristy Walters

I really like your lesson plan.  I am going to try using it with my students.  I am going to have different types of paper for them to choose from.  I am thinking about using four different types and having my students compare their findings after the activity.  I really like your worksheet because the students know exactly what your expectations are and can easily follow it.  


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