We were discussing creating and using rubrics in groups today. Our group used the website http://rubistar.4teachers.org to create our rubric, and when it was presented some of the other groups liked it too. Therefore I thought I should share it here too.

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Thanks for posting this site. This is a great resource.
Do you have to sign-up? If so, how is the spam and is there any fee?
The best rubric site I have seen so far by a long shot. Totally customizable. But, if you are trying to use a wholistic rubric like we were asked to do, don't waste your time. There are a lot of already made ones, especially for math.


Were you finding pre-made rubrics in rubistar or somewhere else?  I am looking for a rubric to use with writing, graphing, and comparing linear functions.  

Thanks for any advice


Thanks for the site.  I know this isnt algebra 1, but here is the grading rubric that ap provides for grading AP stats questions.... I've always been fond of it... perhaps it could be altered for an algebra course?





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