Here is a geogebra java app that I created for a lesson.

The goal of this lesson is to become familiar with the graphs of quadratic equations. Remember a quadratic equation has the parent function of y=x2. For this lesson, we will focus on the function y=ax2+bx+c. We will explore how a, b, and c transform the parent function and recognize the relationship between x and y in a table of values. Go to

I plan to add extensions on vertices, factoring and inputting real data as opposed to preset points. I just threw this together to see how things would go in the lab. If you guys have any suggestions please reply.


Tom Adams

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Ok, with the help of Judy Wheeler I have modified the worksheet associated with this activity. Her suggestions were very helpful. The students seemed to be much more engaged with the new lab sheet.
This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it. I will be using it tomorrow!!!
Try it out and let me know what works. Please leave me feedback. My goal is to create a bunch of lesson like this, but I want to perfect them one at a time. You are awesome....

Tom, Thanks so much for this lesson! I have added it to my website.  

Algebra 1 Teachers

Thanks again for a great lesson!



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