Recently,  I was in poor health and was rushed to the hospital for two emergency surgeries! The removal of my spleen and replacement of my heart valve!


After (during recovery)  I needed a minor procedure.  But my "INR" (which is a measure of how fast blood coagulates.  1 is normal, 2 means you coagulate twice as slow as everyone else and so on...)


The procedure required that my INR be less than 1.5.  So my doctor put me on FFP (fresh frozen plasma) to bring this down. 


My INR started at 5.6 

3 units of FFP were administered.

my resulting INR was 3.3


So I used some simple equations to find the rate of INR loss:





The doctor came in and said, "well that didn't get us there your new INR is 4.9, lets try 4 units of FFP and see where that gets us"  So I did some quick calculations
 4.9+3(0.76666666) and piped in... "that will only get use to 2.6"... "lets just try it and see" doc said.


The actual was 2.7!  So the doc looked at me and said well how many should we put in to get to 1.5?


I calculated:





And confidentially said "try about 2 more units"... so he did.

The actual was 2.5 :(

Why?  The data is non-linear... but which one.... I dont know... I just had two surgeries...Do you know which family would this be?  If you know please post :)

Cheers.  And I hope for a speedy recovery.

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I was saying to myself, "Aren't you lucky it was linear?"  Sounds like an interesting idea, but perhaps not that best process for coming up with math problems.  Hope you feel better and recover well.

Thanks Sean.  I've always enjoyed finding math in my everyday "real world" life... old habits, you know.


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