Title: Linear Functions 5 Day Plan (6th Grade)
Author: Cortney Kidon 

Subject Area: Algebra
Topic:Linear Functions

GLCEs: A.RP.06.02, A.RP.06.08, A.PA.06.09

Topic: Understand the coordinate plane and represent linear functions using tables, equations, and graphs.

Content Expectation:

  • Plot ordered pairs of integers and use ordered pairs of integers to identify points in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane.
  • Understand that relationships between quantities can be suggested by graphs and tables.
  • Solve problems involving linear functions whose input values are integers; write the equation; graph the resulting ordered pairs of integers.

Tags: 6th, Algebra, Calculator, Equations, Functions, Grade, Graphing, Linear, MiddleGradeMath, application, More…description, slope, table, verbal, yintercept

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Hi Cortney, I like the use of the game Battleship. I remember playing it when my children were younger. The idea of a living graph on a coordinate plane is new to me. I can see it working and adding interest to the class.

This lesson has a lot of good ideas on teaching a unit on linear functions.  If you scroll down through the document you will see 10 problems that are all ready to run off and use.  They all require the student to make a table, graph, equation and verbal problem with each giving a different starting point.

Thanks for sharing!


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