Linear Functions-5 day plan for Algebra for All

Carrie Weber

algebra, 8th grade math

I was not able to attach all documents, it only allowed for 3 items.  Missing is the Frayer model, which can easily be found online, and the TI-84 Scavenger Hunt which can be found on this network.

Teaching in Michigan, I have included the MMC content expectations that will be introduced, although some not in their entirety:

A2.1.3 Represent functions in symbols, graphs, tables, diagrams, or words and translate among representations.


A2.1.7 Identify and interpret the key features of a function from its graph or its formula(e), (e.g., slope, intercept(s), asymptote(s), maximum and minimum value(s),

symmetry, and average rate of change over an interval).

A2.4.1 Write the symbolic forms of linear functions (standard [i.e., Ax + By = C, where B ≠ 0], point-slope, and slope-intercept) given appropriate information and convert between forms.


A2.4.2 Graph lines (including those of the form x = h and y = k) given appropriate information.


A2.4.3 Relate the coefficients in a linear function to the slope and x- and y-intercepts of its graph.

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