I know all I seem to post lately are things from Yummy Math, but these two activities happen to hit what I'm working on right now and are quite timely.

1. Ticket prices over time  I want to try this in two groups.  Group A goes to the site at the bottom of the pdf document and answers the same questions looking only at numerical data.  They get their regression formula by putting the numbers in the calculator.  Group B only has the graph to answer the questions.  They get their formula by picking two points and writing the equation.

2. Correlation between a big box office and best picture?  I will put the first two graphs up on the projector and just talk about the things the students notice.  I will have them answer the rest of the questions on paper.  We can also then try and predict the 2012 Best Picture winner based on what we learned.

3.  This LA Times article on the voting for Best Picture just screams some sort of math analysis to it.  I'd love to hear what you guys would do with it.

If you have anything else to share, please feel free.

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And an extra aspect now brought to you by Wolfram Alpha.



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