Meyer's Lesson a Winner in the Common Core Illustrative Math Project Competition - How about yours?

Algebra for All Year 1 & 2 participants will recognize the name Dan Meyer. After watching his TED presentation ( and agonizing along with his students wondering just how long will it take to fill that blasted water tank! many tried to emulate his teaching style and "Meyerized" some of their own lessons. Dan is in the math news once again as one of the first winners of Bill McCullum’s Illustrative Math Project’s (IMP) ongoing Task Writing Competition. Check out his lesson titled "Graduation”  ( that “illustrates” Common Core standard 8.F.4: Construct a function to model a linear relationship between two quantities. Ok, so who is going to be the first to upload a video to accompany this problem to motivate kids to persevere and come up with a model that will estimate just when Muchamuel’s name will be called and whether her mom will be able to see both she and her cousin at Aptos HS get their diplomas? Any one? Better yet, submit one of your lessons in the competition ( I know that many of our members have posted lessons on this social network that rivals those on the Illustrative Math Project’s site. You might as well be the one to pocket $200. Seriously, you will find many great ideas at the IMP site.It is well worth a visit ( If you haven't stopped by Dan Meyer's website for awhile, you'll want to see his new video, "When Will I Ever Use this in the Real World?" ( He is always worth a good collegial chuckle and a great message.

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Thanks, Judy!  From the commoncoretools site, I found, another great resource.  I do know of Dan's blog but need to visit more often apparently.


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