Hello everyone,


Well I am home from the hospital.  It has been a rough recovery from heart surgery, but I am slowly making progress.  While I was in the hospital I found some time (a lot of time and it helped me keep my mind off everything I was going through) to finish up the first draft of my second edition of "Open Algebra 1" .  

I plan on making this available on iBooks for those who want the easy navigation features that the iBook gives.  However, the PDF version is still free under the original creative commons license.  

Feel free to download... share... and use as your course book or reference.


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This is great, Arthur! You put so much work into this project :)  I'm very impressed. Hope you are feeling well.

Thank you Emily.  I've developed this over several years and use it as the primary resource in my class.  The best part is that I can always change things & adapt to shifting expectations (GLCEs... CCSS... NCTM... ACT... etc...) when ever I want with only a few simple changes to the text (and my school doesn't have to purchase a new textbook series).  It is completely customizable!

My next goal/hope is that others will find it useful as well.


Hi Art,

Fantastic! and so wonderful of you to share with all. I've just downloaded the pdf file and have only browsed, but I am eager to dig into the details. There does seem to be a quirk, though. Online, if I scroll to the last page, the document disappears in my browser tab. This happens in both IE and Google Chrome. When I downloaded the pdf file and scroll to the last page, my Acrobat Reader closes completely. 

Thanks Judy.  I'll have to look into this and see what is going on.  This is the first time I've used iBooks by apple.  

Wow! Wow! Wow!!!  I found this just in time.  I have a section of Algebra 1, but NO textbook in the fall.  I usually teach Algebra 2.  One thing I especially like is your review pages with links to activities - I can use that for all my classes. 

Do you happen to have a table of contents?  And/or are you willing to share an editable form - such as Word.docx? 

Thanks so much for this great resource!!!

Thanks.  I wrote the first edition of this book in googledoc and then you could have downloaded them in word and change at will.  However, google changed their equation editor from latex to a much weaker editor and it destroyed 300 pages worth of equations!  Thus, I had to change my editor and the second edition of the text was born.  

I wrote this edition using apple iBook program.  You are welcome to the source files, but there is no way in this new program to export them as .doc :(  sorry.

You could look at the old googledocs here and see what you can salvage... https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B5sayTs6XcVRZTEzY2E5YzktMzNlNC00ZW...

I need to find a work around for this.  If something comes up, I'll let you know.


Thank you for the link.  I got the table of contents - which is a great help for me!

Make sure you verify the chapters... i think I may have switched a few things around.  It should be mostly accurate.  

I'll try to get a table of contents up pretty soon... 

Hi Art,

I suggest that you to consider revising p.256 of your Algebra 1 book where you are giving a numerical example for the diamond-box method of factoring a quadratic where a does not equal 1. On that page you give the equivalence of

6x^2-17x+12 = (x - 9/6)(x - 8/6) = (x - 3/2)(x - 4/3)

The first two expressions clearly are not equal! Perhaps the following sequence of steps would work for your purposes:

6x^2-17x+12 = 6(x^2 - 17/6 x + 2) = 6(x - 9/6)(x - 8/6) = 6(x - 3/2)(x - 4/3) = 2(x - 3/2) . 3(x - 4/3) = (2x - 3)(3x - 4)

(note that the period is supposed to be a raised dot!)  Also, I think you omitted a word at the end of that paragraph - "a factored ..."


Yep.  One of my hidden talents is finding errors in textbooks.  I guess errors in my book is just sweet justice to all the textbook authors i have slandered over the years.  I wrote 300+ pages of math textbook in my free time... I guess it is just arrogance to think that I wouldn't make any errors:)

Thanks for the heads up... I'll make sure I change it in my next revision.  Right now I am focused on lesson plans.

Take care. 


Hi Art,

Please do not take my suggestion as a criticism!  I just thought that you might want to be aware of any oversights in case you wanted to rectify it.   What you have contributed to all teachers is super. Thanks so much.

I didn't take it that way at all.  I was trying to be funny, but it didn't come across well.  Thanks for all of your help and suggestions.


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