Hello everyone,


Well I am home from the hospital.  It has been a rough recovery from heart surgery, but I am slowly making progress.  While I was in the hospital I found some time (a lot of time and it helped me keep my mind off everything I was going through) to finish up the first draft of my second edition of "Open Algebra 1" .  

I plan on making this available on iBooks for those who want the easy navigation features that the iBook gives.  However, the PDF version is still free under the original creative commons license.  

Feel free to download... share... and use as your course book or reference.


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Thanks for sharing this. I can't imagine how much time and effort you put into it. I was wondering if the eBook comes with the answers to the exercise problems. I just browse real quick and did not see them.

Thanks Viviana.  I plan to make answers to the exercise problems along with my class this fall... so hopefully there will be an "answers appendix or teacher edition answer book" available this winter:)

Hello Arthur,

Glad to hear you're recovering. I wish you continued progress.

Thank you for the valuable contributions you've made to this forum.


I was able to download the first edition to my computer but from a search engine.  I can't get the above 2nd(?) edition to load from Learnport.  Any ideas?

The link no longer works. Are you still making this book available. I just recently joined the site, I would like to see what you put together.

Sorry Christopher... I'm in the process of changing sites where the book is held.  I've also written the entire book in iBook format and am looking to make it available for iPads this spring :)

I cant load the whole document here (32 mb) so here is a link to my google drive where you can download the pdf.


If there is anything else I can help with just let me know.  If you would like to alter the text for your own purposes let me know and I can send you the original iBook source files (unfortunately this is the only format that I have the most current edition in right now)... just please respect the creative commons copyright and throw credit back in my direction:) 

Sorry for the confusion.




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