This is a lesson that I learned in Algebra for All Year 1, to teach exponential functions.  I used this in my   Algebra I classroom. The concept is modeled after the theme of the movie, Pay It Forward.  Students really enjoyed this activity and I use it in the section to introduce exponential functions.  There is another attachment that goes with this lesson.  If you choose to use this activity, please comment, I would love to hear your feedback!  Thanks!

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Thanks for the lesson. I plan to use it in the future with my algebra students.  I made a few minor changes, because of time allowance.  I still plan to teach the lesson over 5 days.  I added some real-life applications with compound interest and bacteria growth.  The science and economics departments usually teach these concepts around the same time.  I think a little cross curricular teaching will help the students master the concept of exponential growth.


Again, thanks!

I would love to use this lesson as an intro to exponential functions. This is my first year teaching this concept so please send me the other attachment! I really like what is here so far and plan to use it.


I use his as an intro to exponentials.  I really wish there was a site like this one when I was a first year teacher. If you have a lesson idea that you like make sure you share it with the rest of our community:)


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