This is an activity that was presented at our last Project Prime session on polynomial functions.

There are so many ways that this lesson can be used I am posting the pdf documents and link to the NCTM Illuminations webpage.

The website has Learning objectives, materials, instructional plan, assessment options, questions for students, documents ready to use as well as a blank for creating your own puzzles along with instructions.

Here is the link to the NCTM Illuminations website:

Polynomial Puzzlers

The puzzles have so many options for entry points for students it fits very well with the common core standards 1: Make sense of problems and persever in solving them and 7. Look for and make use of structure.

This is an excellent resource to add to your favorites!

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I like the idea of this.  Thanks for sharing.  We'll see if my students are as excited.  I especially like the idea of them creating their own.


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