Revisions & Feedback - Completing the Square with Algebra Tiles

There were a lot of of comments about the completing the square with Algebra Tiles part of the homework being confusing. One of the issues was that the expression on the bottom showed as "not equal" when you were had completed the problem correctly. I have updated the program so that the expression is split into two parts, what is in the square and what is out of the square. This allows the expression to show as equal when you complete the problem correctly, while still displaying any value that is out of the square when the problem is complete. The image below demonstrates this.

I am interested in more feedback on the completing the square activity. Does this help solve some of the confusion? Are there more things that could be done? How do those of you who have done this activity with physical algebra tiles approach it differently?

You can use this link to access the completing the square applet directly: .

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