Use this forum to discuss your experiences in using the Shapes of Algebra activity in your classroom.

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I used the Shapes of Algebra acivity with my Algebra 2 students and my Algebra 1 students. We took 4 days to do the whole activity in Algebra 2. We finished our 5th day in Algebra 1 today. We have a few more days to go. I have really enjoyed this activity. It has given me opportunity to touch on items that I wouldn't get to normally in my Algebra 1 class. The way I did the activity was to first put each exploration on a different page with a place for a table and graph for each equation (I attached the file). We took about a day or so on each exploration, where the students received some instruction, then did some work and then discussed their results. I took the "alien" equation and had the students do that at a different time than the other three explorations. So far the response has been good.
Wow. This took a lot of class time. I was under the impression that splitting the experiments up to groups and having them present would only take about 90 minutes of instructional time max.
But I really like the worksheet with the graphs and tables! It's a nice addition to the investigation. Thanks for sharing.
The answer key to the Shapes of Algebra Explorations is below.
I'm glad to see the site is finally up. I plan to have students' work from the 'shapes of algebra' lesson available for discussion on Friday.
Thank you for posting the corresponding lesson documents online.
Our old book Discovering Algebra is function based. We have all done this to some extent. I have some exceptional students and we were able to inquire how to graph x=2 even though it is not really x=.
The slope is sooooooooooo steep it looks like even though it cannot be.
Setting up y=20x
then y= 20x + 2...
no joy
then y= 20(x+2)
then y= 200 (x+2)
then asking how to make it x=2
is possible
this also sets the stage for y=(x-h)^2 +k
later on.


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