We have all had students that want to "retake" a quiz.  However, after talking with a student the other day about this process, the student confided that he had done nothing to fix his previous mistakes he made on the first quiz.  I asked the student why he thought he could get a better grade without relearning the material, and he said "well, I am coming in after school."  Awful!  This student thinks that retaking a quiz amounts to more effort on his part and he will do better the second time around.  When I put a few problems on the board to check his understanding, he got a bit frustrated and told me it was not exactly like the problems on the quiz.  That's the problem, students see grades as an accumulation of points rather than accumulation of knowledge.  I need to change to a grading system that rewards knowledge.


Can you please share with me ideas on how to best implement a standards based grading system?




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How frustrating!  I have found a lot of success with rubrics and anchor papers as I transitioned to a standards based grading system.  I would delineate out exactly what students needed to be able to do on the rubric and would give samples of what each rubric grade looks like.  Good luck to you!

Do you have any samples of your rubric that you can share?


I am not an algebra teacher, so I don't have anything that's appropriate.  I'm sorry!

Here is what I've already posted on the site.  This year has been very interesting trying to implement a standards-based system.  I'll certainly have a post at the end of the year with the rest of my skills tests.




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