In college, one of my courses used:

Assessment of
Student Achievement (9th Edition)

by Norman E.
Gronlund, C. Keith Waugh

In this book, the authors suggested that you create your summative
assessment first, and then build your unit based on your goals or an
assessment matrix of goals and outcomes. That's teaching to the test -
right? Well, they claimed the organizing the test first helps you to
focus on precisely what you are trying to teach. One valid point is you
are less likely to teach something that will not be on the test.
Therefore, you will become more efficient.
Our school uses common assessments, and it drives me bunkers when they
wait until the last minute to finish making the test. I want to have
sometime to review. Many times I need to teach items I have not yet
covered, or there were items I covered that were not on the test.
I use this method, and I have to admit it forces me to think about
goals, standards, taxonomies, formative and summative assessments,
performances and methods of instruction. It's like building a house. I
would not attempt to build a house without a detailed blueprint. I
cannot say, "I need some walls, floors, doors and a roof." I need to
have a detailed blueprint to consider my materials, codes, construction
practices, labor, time and money involved. Only then can I consider wall
color, flooring options and interior design. However, I don't want a
kit either. What if I build on a hill? What if the kit violates the
local codes? Teaching is similar. I wouldn't say, "Here are my 6 HSCE's I
have to cover this unit." I really have to think about what I need my
students to learn and how they will learn it. At the same time, I
wouldn't want to teach only the test.
An assessment matrix is a good start-an outline to your final

Unit Assessment Matrix



Assessment Information

Data Interpretation


Instructional Methods


Q Num.

HSCE Strand

What do I need to collect?

What can they do now?

Where and when?

Working? Changes?


How do I know it's working?








You can add columns for Bloom's taxonomy or Gardner's multiple

This is only one way to help our students. This way works for me. If you
have any other ways, please share.

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