I decided to start out the 1st day of the new semester with a "fun activity" with my Algebra 2 classes.  I took the Top Ten Math Mistakes Video posted on the  video section of this website and made up an outline for the students to use as we watched the video.  I ran off the outline on cardstock so they could save it for future reference.

As we watched the video I found that it worked best to stop the video after each number and discuss the mistake.  I had the list projected on the board and we filled it out together.

I am attaching an outline ready to run off and a copy of the document that I had on the board.  I use a MimeoTeach system which is similar to a smart board.  I save the document as a pdf file and post it on my teacher webpage for students to reference.  I counted the assignment as classwork points.

My students were engaged and seemed to like the activity.  It was a good first class activity.

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