This is a lesson that I put together using the resources posted on the Lesson Sharing page.

I want to share ideas on how to take good lessons with documents that are easy to use and adapt them to fit what you want to accomplish with your particular class.

I started with the Exponential Functions 5 day unit posted by Pam Lindemer which referred me back to the original lesson, Pay It Forward, posted by Emily Burkett.  I also used the suggestions that I found in Fawn Nguyen's blog post that I found a link to in her reply to Judy Wheeler's discussion post on favorite websites for Common Core resources.

I started the lesson with putting up the picture and summary of the video clip.  My students were interested right away.  We had a short discussion then watched the video clip.  They noticed right away that it was only about a minute long, we were not going to get to watch a whole movie, so we ended up watching it 3 times to make sure everyone could hear all of the details.  I then put the students in groups.  I took the handout from the two lessons referenced and made a few changes based on what I wanted my students to accomplish.  Quite by accident, the first 8 copies of the handout came out of the copy machine on colored paper, so I decided to give each group one colored sheet and enough plain white copies for the rest of the group.  The instructions were that one person was to be the record keeper and turn in the colored copy for their group.  I then followed the guidelines from Fawn's blog post and circulated through the room and listened to their discussions.  I found that the students were talking about the math, figuring out that it was an exponential function, and able to complete the task without asking for my help.  I did make some suggestions on their graphs but overall I was pleased with the quality of their work.  The next day I took the colored copies and put them under the document camera, comparing the ways that the different groups drew out the stages of the good deeds, looked at the table of values, the graphs and led into a discussion of domain and range.  It was a great introduction into the lesson that involved graphing exponential functions.

These are the links to the video clip, original lessons cited and the blog post.

Pay it forward

Exponential Functions

Pay it Forward Lesson

Fawn Nguyen 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Di...

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I am getting ready to start the unit on exponential functions and will use this lesson again.  I am working on the common core practices so I will have the students do more sharing and explaining their findings.


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