Just watched this movie, and it left me feeling energized, ready to tackle the world!  I'm so angry at the fact that the U.S., a civilized country, needs to resort to a lottery, a game of luck, to get kids into good schools.  WOW - what an eye-opener!  No wonder other countries are literally laughing at us!  We're trying to do the exact same thing in schools that we've done for decades - meanwhile, the rest of the world has moved on - and yet we're surprised at the results.  Our TOP students are dangerously near the bottom of the barrel when compared to other top students from around the world.


There's so much more I could be doing for my students!  Rather than blaming parents, criticizing the community, and shrugging my shoulders at administration and colleagues that simply don't "get it", I think I can do better.  There are things in this world that I cannot control, but there are also things I CAN control!  I can raise the achievement bar for the 121 math students I see daily, refusing to accept any excuse for failure.  I can get them more prepared for next year - more prepared than they've ever been before.


Has anyone else seen this movie or read the book?  What did you think?

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Isn't this the one about kids in an inner city hoping to get into a great school by lottery?

I would move...to somewhere better. Somewhere safer to raise my children... ah but then I would be here.

Except for all this cold and snow.  I like it here.  I do not accept the presumption that you have to live in that environment.

... I would move. So the whole point is lost on me.  I would move.

As for what do I think.... I think every year I seem to be working harder and every year the students I get come to me better prepared so I am not alone in working harder.  I conclude:  Things are getting better.

Spring is coming.


What a positive outlook you have!  I LOVE it!  And yes, I agree that moving is a simple solution to the situation.  Problem is, the students that were profiled didn't have the income or resources to move.  They were pretty much stuck where they were.  Again, not to blow the positive vibes you have going there, I'm just disheartened by the fact that in such an influential and powerful country, we have children out there that do NOT have access to great schools.  ALL of our schools should be great.... right?


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