Here's the final project for our last face-to-face meeting that will be here before we all know it!  I'll be taking it for a test run with students next week before I present it to everyone!  Any helpful critiques are welcome!  


The Word document contains the lesson plan as well as a handout that would help guide the lower ability students through the activity.  I don't plan on using it with my "test group" next week because they are highly motivated and capable.  They shouldn't need for me to "hold their hand" on this one.  The last page of the Word document has a handout that can be distributed to all students - it's a brief summary of student expectations and a rubric for the project.


The Power Point is something I plan on using on my interactive white board for students - I'll also be sharing it with colleagues at the next face-to-face. 


Again, any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated.

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This is a really neat activity! I can't wait to use it in my classroom.

When you DO use it with students, I'd love to hear of any suggestions or feedback that you may have for improving it.

:)  Good luck!

this looks fun and should post your colleagues comments from your next face to face re: this project!
I am lucky to have seen your project.  I forgot to add the rubric for my lessons.  Your project is extremely well presented and detailed.


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