There is an old farmer saying, "the cows don't get any fatter by weighing them!".  In that spirit, I would rather spend more time teaching students than measuring what they know.

I'm trying to figure out which assessment I should focus on: the ACT Explore test (which is age normed and consistent with the ACT test... which all of our students take as juniors)  or the Smarter Balance assessment that feeds into the common core.

Neither seems to have a lot of resources developed for them yet. 

Any thoughts, ideas or discussion would be greatly appreciated!



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Alignment, alignment, alignment......where do the roads cross?


I like the set of smarter balance sample assessment tasks listed at


As well I found 'Amsco's Preparing for the ACT Mathematics and Science Reasoning'  (ISBN 1-56765-511-4) pretty helpful.


I must say that after reviewing your text I'm sure there won't be a resource you find adequate until you create it.

Hint, hint.


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