ProjPRIME Summer’13 TTLP Team Lesson
TEAM: Jennifer Robare, Sturgis Middle School
Ellen Eisele, Sturgis Middle School
Alison Babiak, Wayland Middle School
Shannon Kaplan, Wayland Middle School
Cheryl Wilson, Wayland Middle School
Subject Area: 8_Grade
Topic: Analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems. 7. RP.A.1
Common Core Standards: 7. RP.A.1
Math Practice Standards: MP1
Description: Proportional Reasoning Task to be used at the beginning of 8th grade as a formative assessment. Calculating and comparing rates of a track runners.

Tags: CC.7.RP.A.1, Grade_7, Grade_8, MP1, PRIME_Summer'13_KRESA, Proportional_Reasoning, Proportions, Rate, TTLP, Unit_Conversion, More…Unit_Rate

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Attached are two additional sample solutions.



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