I think we all can agree that open-ended questions give us a better understanding of if the students are "getting it" or just "going through the motions".  I have run into quite a bit of trouble, because I am in a special education classroom, in that the student’s frustration levels go through the roof, and lead to behavior problems.  I am going to continue using them – I just wish that the students had been introduced to them at an earlier stage in their educational experience.  Because my class is such a simple version of Algebra (and we are only on chap 4 when everyone else is on chap 6 & 7) I have just started to explore how to add more open-ended questions.  My students are currently struggling with the whole concept of “Range” & “Domain”.

Thank you all for the ones that I have seen on here - I have it bookmarked and will be refering back as we advance within my math class


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