About the Algebra 4 All Social Network

Getting Started:This section includes instructions, tutorials, and help info for those who are just getting started on the social network. Click here to access the Getting Started page.

Going Public: On January 20th, 2012, the A4A Social Network will become a public Social Network. For more information on what this means, click here.

Meet the Moderators: There are four moderators who are supporting the A4A Social Network this year. Click here to learn more about the moderators.

A History of the Algebra 4 All Social Network: The Algebra 4 All (A4A) Social Network is a community of educators committed to sharing resources and supporting one another in the practice of teaching Algebra. The Network was originally created by Michigan Virtual University (MVU) for Michigan mathematics teachers involved in the state-wide Algebra for All professional development project. Although the official funding period for the project has ended, the A4A Social Network remains a relevant and viable resource for any mathematics instructor interested in the teaching of Algebra. Read More... 

Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the site. If you have additional questions please ask them in the comments area at the bottom of the page. Click here to access the FAQ page.

Announcements: Past site announcements can be found here.


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