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Direct links for each Algebra Tiles applet are provided below. For access to the full activity, see the instructions further down on the page.The full activity includes some further instruction on how to use the applets as well as Algebra Tiles in general.


This page contains links and information related to the Algebra Tiles activity that was a homework assignment on day 6 of the original Algebra for All training and is now available for continued access and student use. Please read the information below to learn how to best access the activity for your own continued use or for your students. If you have questions or comments feel free to use the comment feature on the bottom of this page to share your thoughts.
How to Access the Algebra Tiles Activity:
There are two ways to access the Algebra Tiles Activity:

1) Click here to access the full Algebra Tiles activity online. For your convenience, or if the Algebra for All Social Networking site is blocked at your school, use the following link to access the activity directly from any computer: (copy this link into an email or write it down if you can not access the Social Network at your schoool.)

For the page that links directly to each Algebra Tiles applet use:

2) Click Here to download the activity as a standalone executable (.exe) file.This will allow the program to run on any computer, regardless of internet access, but the file will need to be downloaded to or copied to each computer. For example, you could download the file and save it on a flash drive, then use that flash drive to distribute the file to other computers.

If you choose to download the executable file please let us know how many computers / students you plan on using the program with. This is very helpful for our records and will help us to gain support to continue to be able to provide other products in the future. Please send the numbers of computers/students you plan on providing the program to to Also note that the activity may be updated periodically. This will take place automatically online. If you use the downloaded activity you will want to check back here periodically to see if there have been any changes to the activity, in which case you would need to download the newer version of the file.

Teacher Video: Algebra Tiles: Introduction

Teacher Video: Algebra Tiles: One-Step Equation Exmaple 1

Teacher Video: Algebra Tiles: One-Step Equation Example 2

Teacher Video: Algebra Tiles: Two-Step Equation Example

Please continue to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences related with this activity. There are several discussion forums linked to below where you can take part in the discussions. Additionally, feel free to start your own discussions or make comments on this page.


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