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Why use the Algebra for All Social Network? Teachers explain how and why they love to use the social network:

style="color: #00667c;">Welcome DPS 8th Grade Algebra Team!

Welcome members of the Detroit Public Schools 8th Grade Algebra Pilot project. You can click here to join the 8th Grade Algebra Group, and feel free to explore the lesson sharing area and resources area for more lessons and activities for your classes.

May 2011 MVU Update - Teacher Interviews

For the last update of year 2, we interviewed a number of online peer coaches and other teachers about their use of the Algebra for All Social Network. You can view the final video above, or click here to view the video in a new page.

You can also find the documents for the May training day here.

NEW: March 2011 MVU Update

Click here to view the MVU update for the March 2011 Training date.

You can also find the documents for the March training day here.

NEW: December 2010 MVU Update

Click here to view the MVU update for the December 2010 Training date.

You can also find the documents from the December training day here.

NEW: Videos Added: PD360 and Training Clips

PD360 videos provide practical professional development by combining real classroom footage with expert interviews. 3 topics will be added between each of the face-to-face training days in year 2. Hover over the Videos tab above and click on PD360 to view the videos.

A number of video clips from the original training days have been added to the videos section as well. These are generally videos that introduce and/or expand upon activities from year 1. You can browse the videos by hovering over the Videos tab above and selecting Training Clips.

NEW: October MVU Update

Click here to view the MVU update for the October 2010 Training date.

NEW: Student Resources Added

14 New student activities were recently added to the Resources section of the site. These online activities provide student versions of activities from Algebra for All year one, along with direct access to any flash applets, and relevant video clips from the original training. Browse the Resources area or view the links in the top left section of the main page to see the new activities.

NEW: Documents and Resources

New Documents tab and a new Resources tabs are located at the top of each page. The documents section contains all handouts and materials from Algebra for All training days. The resources section provides public access to the online activities created by MVU for the Algebra for All project (including instructions for student access).

Be sure to check back often and look for "recently added resources" on the left side of this page

NEW: Invite Your Friends!

The Algebra for All Social Network is primarily focused on creating a community for participants in the Algebra for All professional development project. However, the resources, discussions, and networking opportunities provided on this site are beneficial for any algebra (or math) teacher.

If you are a member, we encourage you to invite any interested colleagues to join the community by clicking on the Invite tab at the top of the page. For more detailed instructions on how to invite other math teachers to the site click here

This remains a professional community so we ask that you do not invite students or non-school related users to join the site.

NEW: Project and Lesson Sharing Area

The Project and Lesson Sharing Area has been set up as a way to share the final AfA projects with all the members as well as to provide an area on the site where project and lessons can be shared in the future. Click here to go the Project and Lesson Sharing Area or click here for instructions on how to post or find a lesson.

NEW: Where's My Group? The Groups tab has been relocated as a sub-tab underneath the forum tab above. If you have any discussions or questions that are relevant only to your group, you can continue to post them there. In general, we are encouraging all discussions to take place within the Forum area of the site so that all members can benefit from the discussion. We will soon begin the process of removing groups that are no longer active or have very low membership.


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