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You do not need to go to the AfA Social Network to access these activities. Students and teachers can access these resources directly by going straight to the urls provided. Simply copy and paste the links given below and provide those links to your students. Click here for more detailed instructions.

TI-84 Tutorials

Tutorials for the TI-84 calculator are provided below. Each tutorial is included as a video, many being interactive, in which you must click on the appropriate buttons on the calculator to continue.

To view the calculator tutorials click on the web address below. Use this address to provide access to students.Note that you can use this address to access the calculator tutorials directly without entering the AfA Social Network:

You can view a list of tutorials below. Click on each title to view that tutorial directly.

Teacher Video: Calculator Scavenger Hunt: Introduction

New TI-84 Operating Sytem

In the spring of 2010 a new operating system was released for the TI-84. This operating system is a major upgrade with many useful features added. You can view an overview of the features of the new OS in the video below. Links are provided with instructions on how to upgrade your OS as well

TI-NSpire Tutorials

TI has provided a large number of free tutorials for getting started with the TI-NSpire through atomic learning. Click here to view the TI-NSpire video tutorials on Atomic Learning.

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