Exponential Functions

Resources for Exponential Functions that have been developed for the Algebra for All project are provided below. Use the comments area at the bottom of page to disucss these resources or share additional online resources related to Exponential Functions.

Student Access:

You do not need to go to the AfA Social Network to access these activities. Students and teachers can access these resources directly by going straight to the urls provided. Simply copy and paste the links given below and provide those links to your students. Click here for more detailed instructions.

Exponential Explorations

Description: In this activity students explore exponential relationships through two concrete examples. Through paper-folding, and rolling dice, students make connections between abstract exponential equations and concrete situations that are modeled by exponential equations


Exponential Dice Roller Applet: In this applet students create a model of exponential decay by rolling (up to) 98 dice and taking out dice of different values. By varying which dice are kept and how many dice are used, students can connect parts of exponential equations with a concrete model.


Teacher Video: M&Ms Activity: Introduction

Teacher Video: M&Ms Activity: Wrap-up

Teacher Video: Paper Folding: Wrap-up

Exponential Stations

Description: In this activity students learn about the parts of exponential functions by graphing groups of graphs in different stations and identifying similarities and differences of the graphs.


Exponential Stations Graphing Applets: Each of these applets provides an opportunity to graph a set of four exponential function, providing an opportunity to compare and contrast the features of each graph and learn about the different parts of an exponential equation.

Station 1: http://media.mivu.org/mvu_pd/a4a/resources/applets/exponential_station1.html

Station 2: http://media.mivu.org/mvu_pd/a4a/resources/applets/exponential_station2.html

Station 3: http://media.mivu.org/mvu_pd/a4a/resources/applets/exponential_station3.html

Station 4: http://media.mivu.org/mvu_pd/a4a/resources/applets/exponential_station4.html

Station 5: http://media.mivu.org/mvu_pd/a4a/resources/applets/exponential_station5.html

Station 6: http://media.mivu.org/mvu_pd/a4a/resources/applets/exponential_station6.html

Teacher Video: Exponential Stations: Introduction

Rules of Exponents

Description: In this activity students learn the rules of exponents through experimentation and exploration, using either a calculator program or a computer applet.


Exponent Rules Applet: In this applet students have the opportunity to experiment with and practice several exponential rules.


Teacher Video: Exponent Rules: Introduction

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