Frequently Asked Questions about the Algebra 4 All Social Network


What is the Algebra for All Project?

The Algebra for All Professional Development Project was a partnership between the Michigan Department of Education, the Michigan Mathematics and Science Center Network, and Michigan Virtual University. From 2009 to 2011 over 1,000 Michigan mathematics teachers were trained at fifteen different Mathematics and Science Center sites across the state as part of the program. The focus of the Algebra for All training was on implementing the functions-based approach to teaching Algebra.


What is the Mission of the Algebra 4 All Social Network?

The Algebra 4 All Social Network is a community of educators committed to sharing resources and supporting one another in the practice of teaching Algebra.


Who can be a member of the Network?

As of January 1, 2012, this A4A Social Network is a public network. Any educators, most likely secondary mathematics teachers interested in best practices for the teaching of Algebra, may join the Network. Groups of teachers from the same school, district, professional organization, etc. are encouraged to join together and can use the “groups” feature to create private discussion areas.


Is this Network supported?

The Algebra 4 All Social Network is supported by four (4) Network Moderators, an Instructional Designer, and a Project Manager hired by the Michigan Virtual University with their funding. The Network Moderators are experienced with this Network from the original Algebra for All Project. They have received additional training to use the Ning software running this Network. They will be active participants on the Network.


What can be posted on the Network?

There are areas for conversation (the Forum), opportunities to view pertinent videos and pictures of mathematics content or activities (Media), content related to the functions-based approach to teaching Algebra and the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for teachers and students (Lesson Sharing), and other resource links. There are directions on the site in “How to Post…” or the appropriate Network Moderator can provide assistance in training you or your representative in how to post.


Are there Online Peer Coaches?

In the private and early days of this Network, groups of educators were serviced by an Online Peer Coach to help group members access and use the Network. If your group would like this type of support, MVU would be happy to train an individual hired by you with your funds to use the Network to support your specific group. Feel free to discuss this option with one of the MVU Network Moderators.


What is Michigan LearnPort?

Michigan LearnPort is a division of Michigan Virtual University that provides online learning solutions for educators with access to high-quality online courses and other resources to meet their professional development requirements. The A4A Social Network was, and continues to be, funded by Michigan LearnPort.


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