Lessons PRIME 2014-15

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  Below is a listing of the submitted lessons

             with links to their documents.

6th  & 7th   Grade

Ratios And Proportions

Mixing Juice


7th   Grade Math

Indirect Measurement

Mirror Mirror On The Floor

    Indirect Measurement Task

    Indirect Measurement Rubric

8th   Grade Math

Ratio And Proportion

Highway Robbery

     Clue Sheet OH

     Clue Sheet AS

     Suspect List AS.pdf

     Suspect List


7th   -  9th

Proportional Reasoning

Go Fish!

     Go Fish Math Task


7th   - 9th 


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Purple Fish ( A Capture/Recapture Simulation Using Skittles)

    One Fish 

9th   Grade  Intervention


I Need A Larger Recipe


9th  & 10th 


Baseball Pitches

    Baseball Pitches

High School Algebra 1


The Largest Burger Ever

    Largest Burger Worksheet

    Burger Video PRIME


High School Algebra 1

Modeling Quadratics

Projectile Motion

     Modeling Quadtratics

High School Algebra


Polynomial Farm

    Link to lesson

High School Algebra


Paul's Pool Problem


High School Geometry

Surface Area And Volume

Cube Investigation

    Cube Investigation  

High School Geometry


Sugar Packets And Proportions


High School Geometry

Fundamental Theorem Of Similarity - Proportional Reasoning With 3-D Shapes (Surface Area And Volume)

Scaling Up Block Figures


    Scale UP Block Figures

Algebra 2

Right Triangle Trigonometry

Furman's Hill Repeats

   Prime Question

   team report triangle

   triangle observation guide


Honors Algebra II

Systems Of Equations

Modeling With Systems

    Kurstin Prime Problems

11th & 12th Grade (Pre-Calculus & Functions, Statistics, And Trigonometry)


A Sweet Task


High School Algebra 2

Modeling Exponential Equations

Drug Filtering

    Drug Filtering Student Copy 

High School Algebra 2

Sequences And Series

Splitting Hares

    Splitting Hares with Teacher Notes


High School Applied Math

Modeling Compound Interest

Compound Interest Using A 401(K) Scenario

    Compound Interest using a 401k scenario


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