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These four people have been hired by MVU to support the A4A Social Network in the 2011-2012 school year. If you have any questions or problems with the site, they are available to help. Click on their names in their bios below to view their profile pages and send them a message or leave a comment on their wall.

Claudia Heinrich

Claudia Heinrich is a mathematics teacher in the Livonia Public Schools which is part of Wayne RESA.

Outside of teaching, Claudia enjoys playing golf, traveling, scrapbooking, and spending time with her family.

Claudia has 35 years of experience as a mathematics educator. She began her career at Mercy High School, a private all girls school, teaching pre-Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2. She used a slide rule as a demonstration tool. Claudia left her high school position to raise her family and remained involved in education by teaching Algebra part time at Oakland Community College, and later at Schoolcraft College. In 1997 Claudia returned to teaching high school and has taught at Stevenson High school in Livonia for the past 15 years where she currently teaches both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

Claudia has participated in the Algebra for All statewide initiative for two years. She has also attended numerous TI Summer Workshops. Claudia believes in sharing expertise and best practices and has presented at MCTM and DACTM conferences. She currently uses the TI-Nspire calculators with the navigator system in her classroom...a long way from the six (6) foot slide rule!

A social network for professional development offers a broad base of resources for educators to access. With the new common core and eight (8) mathematical practices, it will be an invaluable resource. Teachers working in the classroom are the experts on effective lessons and best practices.

Claudia is the Network Moderator for the Project and Lesson Sharing component of this Network.

Sean Karsten

Sean Karsten is a mathematics teacher at the Bay Mills Ojibwe Charter School which is part of the Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD.


Sean is currently in his sixth year of teaching mathematics, all with the same district. He teaches grades 7-12 with an average class size of eight (8) students.

Outside of teaching, Sean enjoys books, music, video games, and college hockey.

The benefits of a social network for teachers is that such a site is able to go beyond simply providing resources. Teachers are able to get first-hand knowledge of how to use resources and get up-to-date answers to questions straight from other educators. Professional development is often a static process of prepared presentations, and a social network can be fluid and adapt to the needs of each specific person who takes part in it.

Sean is the Network Moderator for the Forum component of this Network.

Art Weiss

Art Weiss serves as the district mathematics co-chair at Sparta Area Schools where he teaches Algebra and AP Statistics.


Art has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University, a master’s degree in secondary science education from Grand Valley State University, and a specialist degree in educational leadership from Michigan State University. He currently serves as an adjunct professor in the mathematics department at Davenport University.

His interests also include the development of open source course material for mathematics instruction, blended instruction, complex systems, and content delivery systems.

Communication through forums and social networks (like the Algebra 4 All site) have had a profound impact on Art’s development as a professional. He sincerely believes in the kind of “true” professional development that they can provide.

Art is the Network Moderator for the Blog and Media components of this Network.

Judy Wheeler

Judy Wheeler is a consultant with JMW MathED Consulting LLC.


Judy’s mathematics teaching background includes being a Mathematics Coach at Springport High School for the Jackson ISD. She is also a Mathematics Coach and Facilitator for the Michigan Algebra for All MSP Project. Judy has been the Assistant Project Director for KAAP and M2RAP at Western Michigan University. Prior to her retirement in 2009, Judy was a Mathematics Consultant for K-12 for the Berrien RESA for 15 years. She has been a classroom teacher in secondary mathematics, middle school social studies, fourth grade and special education. For 12 years she served on the MCTM Board as Region 1 Director and President. Judy is a Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) National Instructor.

Judy enjoys sunsets on her deck overlooking Lake Michigan and spending time with her five (5) grandchildren in Florida, Traverse City and Boulder, CO. Also, she is always on the lookout for great math competition problems since she drafts the Tri-County Middle School Mathematics Team Competition in southwest Michigan.

Judy believes that with social networking we can stay in touch with other teaching professionals to share materials, ideas, teaching stories, and reflections. The more active members are in a network, the more opportunities and diversity exists for stimulating discussions, lessons and resources. As individuals, we all have so much expertise to offer to meet a variety of one another’s needs.

Judy is the Network Moderator for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) component of this Network.


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