PRIME Year 3 2013 - 2014

Promoting  Reform  In  Mathematics  Education
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     PRIME (Promoting Reform in Mathematics Education).   School-year PRIME 2013-14 will reimburse districts for up to $90 for substitute costs.  
     PRIME is a state-wide project involving about 700 secondary mathematics teachers throughout upper and lower Michigan. 
     2013- 2014 PRIME will allow participants to work on a mathematics course they we are hoping for a record number of teacher participants across the state! This year's emphasis will include Common Core State-wide Standards (CCSS) for Content and Practice, formative assessments of CCSS, and the ways students will be assessed on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium's state-wide in 2014-15. (Just one year after next!). For more information, please see the attached Wayne PRIME satellite site registration document.


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A link for these lessons will be posted on the PRIME Summer 2013 & PRIME 2013-2014 pages.  

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    I    Five Practices Reflection Form Session 1 Sept 2013

   II    Components Of The Evaluation PRIME PLUS 2013-2014

 III   Coach Record Of Teachers Served Form Sept 2013

 IV  After School Mathematics Meeting Protocol 2013

  V  After School Meeting Sign In Form Sept 2013

Project  PRIME  Day 1  -  Year 3

Promoting  Reform  In  Mathematics  Education


     1.  Agenda Day 1

     4.  Five Practices

     8.  DOCUMENT: PRIME web pages a4a Learnport
  • David Video After clicking on this link, it will be necessary to wait while the video loads  OR  this video may be downloaded to view properly.

Project  PRIME  Day 2  -  Year 3

Promoting  Reform  In  Mathematics  Education


    1.  Day 2 Power Point ( Wayne )

    2.  Agenda Day 2 (doc)

    3.  Questioning Observation Form (doc)

    4.  Bestsize Cans (1)

    7.  SMP Questions

   12. Five Practices Reflection Form Session 2 Oct 2013  (doc)

Additional Resources


C. U. B. E.  Word Problem Strategy

VIDEO   On the page linked below, look  for  the  link  to  the  right  of...

 5. Bungee Jump Students work with functions and statistics while they investigate the mathematics of bungee jumping

SUMMARY:  Support Materials


    4.  Planning a Research Lesson 1 (doc)

    5.  Boomerangs

    7.  Boomerangs  (web page)

   12. Project PRIME Plus Statewide Initiative 2013  "Principal's letter" (doc)

The CCSI Math Standards Document (below) is cross referenced to the Trajectory documents (further below).  Within the CCSI  document, next to each standard, is a red number and a letter  e.g. "5-C" - this is a reference to Trajectory document number "5" and page "C" within that document.

     CCSSI Math Standards

          CCSSI Mathematics Appendix A


From Zero to Hero Part 1 -- Richard Webb -- Nothing event

iOs app for iPad & iPhone

Mathematics with PocketCAS pro - Calculus, (Linear) Algebra, Graphing Calculator


Promoting  Reform  In  Mathematics  Education

     Day 4 PowerPoint


     1.   Participant Agenda Day 4 - PRIME PLUS

     2.   Teacher Discourse Moves

     9.   Day 5 Sign-In Sheet 
   10.   Team Report
   12.   Session 6 Must Haves
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