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ACT/MME preparation

I teach both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  In our district we spend time in Algebra 2 for review targeted to MME preparation.   I was wondering if any other districts spend time preparing their students for the MME. 

I concentrated a lot on reviewing geometry topics last year since our students take geometry in 9th grade and algebra 1 in 10th grade.  I attended a workshop at the DACTM conference last fall where the presenter said to really review the pythagorean triples and right triangle…


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Lesson Observation

I am working with June to perfect my teaching and to focus my teaching on Algebra and a "math talk community".  Currently I am teaching 6th grade mathematics.  This is the first year that students are introduced to variables, negative numbers, and the like.  The way I see it, is this is the year that is going to predict their algebraic future.  I am THE teacher you can blame when they don't know how to solve a simple equation or understand an algebraic expression.  This is a critical year…


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Linear vs Square measure.... so double the square---the Pythagorean theorem from another direction

 It sounds so simple--

Draw a square.

Now draw a square with twice the area.


It is very hard not to get 4x the area as an answer from you students.


Figuring out that you need to use the diagaonal of the original unit square   or √2

as the new side of the square that is twice as big...

Thus the new square is now √2 x √2 and the new area is indeed twice the unit area.


This is counterintuitive but a good discussion…


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Spaghetti Bridge Completed

I've got some great pictures to post, but the Spaghetti Bridge lesson is in the books for the year.  I had a great Power Point, and great intentions, but I think there are some much-needed changes that need to be made to the lesson (or at least to the mind-set of the students).  Here's the Power Point I created:




So, I set the…


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Power Point in Place

I've got my Power Point ready for this week's lesson on Spaghetti Bridges.  Found a rockin' video to grab the attention of the class.  Turns out the collapse of Galloping Gertie (Tacoma Narrows Bridge) has footage posted on YouTube from 1940!  Talk about the integration of history and science!!  Talk of the engineers' need for testing is a natural transition to the activity.  I'll post the Power Point and a debriefing after the lesson.


Is it sad that I'm excited to go to…


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It's about that time of the year for midterms or finals! 

 I teach middle school, so only have a midterm for my 8th grade Algebra students.  I am wondering how much emphasis you (or your school) place on the these test scores.  I am guessing for high school, much more than we do at the middle school level.

For my 8th grade group, the final at the end of the year helps to determine placement of students in high school. 


Any tips or suggestions for making…


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The Test Chinese Schools Still Fail ----Why rote is good but only to a point......



This is an op-ed but worth the read . 

It reinforces that  what we are trying to do in A4A is not only worth the effort but necessary for the furthering of our…


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Factoring trinomials with a leading coefficient >1

I don't know why this has turned out to be so difficult this year for the kids to understand.  I have been teaching this for 15 years and it seems that there was always a way to get them to grasp the concept.  First of all , they have seen it in algebra 1, 2 years ago.  I have tried the old trial and error dry erase sheets that I posted on afa earlier.  I have tried the logical approach to the understanding of the FOIL frontwards and backwards.  I have tried the box method that seems to be…


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Barbie Bungee Jumping Now, Spaghetti and Textbooks Later

So, I did the Barbie Bungee Jumping this week.  Yay!  I honestly adore this lesson.  There are so many skills that come together in linear functions.  Besides, I've got some great pictures of some big, tough, 8th grade guys playing with Barbie.... what could be better?


Four out of seven groups were textbook cases.  They followed the directions, asked a couple of minor questions, and were on their way to making predictions about how many rubber bands it would take for Barbie…


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Mile Markers Activity

I did the Mile Markers Activity this past Tuesday after teaching the graphing of absolute value functions and before teaching piece-wise function. This was the perfect placement of this activity. It reinforced the absolute value functions and gave students a real-life situation where it is portrayed. I then had the students think about writing a rule without absolute value symbols. Of course, they were insistent that it couldn't be done. When asked for their reasoning, it was because the…


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"First look" analysis of the common core and ACT

Welcome to 2011 everyone.


Attached below is a study published by ACT that reflects on and uses last year's ACT data from states like Michigan to predict how students would have preformed in relation to the Common core standards.


Not surprisingly, the study confirms the ideas and principals of mathematics instruction that we have been discussing at A4A for two years now!


Here is an exerpt from the article:

" More…


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