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Practical, Every Day applications of Algebra Tiles

I recently attended an IEP for one of my lower-achieving Algebra 1 students. This young lady is a freshman and failed the majority of her middle school coursework. She spent the first semester of Algebra 1 in a regular classroom and failed the course. She is now in a 'small group' algebra class. Although she started the semester with very little ambition or interest, I see a possible solution with personal algebra tiles. As I sat in the IEP, listening to one of our education specialists give… Continue

Added by Emily Ritsema on February 28, 2010 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

Podcasts of lectures

Look at what I did with my new document camera and Windows. I am planning on posting these videos on my district's website. I am looking for feedback. Go to http://www.andrews.edu/~adamst/videos/Geometry/geotestspectri_mpeg4.mp4

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www.studyisland.com, good or bad?

Our high school is looking into purchasing a site license to www.studyisland.com. ; We reviewed it today and it has some great features on it for online practice and worksheet generator. You get to choose by which state you live in and it ties in with the content expectations for math in that state. You can monitor the students progress on accuracy by percentage correct for each section. It even tells you if they are proficient or not in that… Continue

Added by Jamie Tuch on February 23, 2010 at 10:37pm — 1 Comment

Alternative Assessment Items to better illustrate Student Thinking

Here is a possible question for an assessment that may better illustrate student thinking:

You have exactly enough money to purchase 60 feet of fencing for a garden. Specify the dimenstions of a garden that would yield the maximum area.

This question requires students to understand the relationship between perimeter (or even circumference) and area. Also, students will have to think about formulas for various shapes so this may be a good review…


Added by Ayana T. ball on February 23, 2010 at 5:49pm — 3 Comments

Going back to an earlier time in A4A

I am finishing up with my Algebra 1 students in the next couple weeks. We are on trimesters and my two semesters of Algebra 1 are coming to an end. We are at the point where we are talking about families of functions and recognizing them in various forms.

1. The Shapes of Algebra activity that we started A4A with was extremely helpful to go over many of the families and to re-introduce absolute-value functions. I had students group up and take an exploration and then present the… Continue

Added by Sean Karsten on February 23, 2010 at 5:40pm — 1 Comment

Online conferencing

This is in response to a posting that mentioned using technology to hold meetings and conferences online. I think there are many of us that are interested in continuing Algebra for All in some form. There are those that would prefer to spend less time out of the classroom but still be involved in some type of collaboration regarding Algebra for All and there are others at the other…


Added by Joel Flint on February 21, 2010 at 1:59pm — 2 Comments

February Session

I found the materials for the February session to be very useful. I can hardly wait to put them into my class when the time fits. The Activity Sheet for the best function was amazing. I can really see how much better this strategy would be than a non-functional approach. I am truly seeing more and more that this is the way to go with my students.

The "Make me Rich" activity will really get some of my students interested. If they can answer all of the questions, they have truly…


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I'm already reaping the benefits!

In our small, rural district, I teach all of our 7th graders (3 sections) and one section of 8th grade algebra. I've been applying the function-based approach to my teaching all along with 7th grade students because our district has been a strong proponent of the Connected Math Program for years. However, with my 8th grade algebra class, I have typically taught with an equations-based approach, simply because relying on the traditional Prentice Hall textbook has always been so…


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Isn't it true that Fractions are always an area of headache for students (and teachers!)
I teach 6-8 grade and it is easy to show visuals of adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions...but dividing can be difficult!

I attached an article I came across that shows a visual explanation of why fractions do what they do when dividing.
I found it very helpful, maybe you will too!

Brenda Mescher

Added by Brenda Mescher on February 8, 2010 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

Geogebra Java Applet - Great for graphing

At the recent A4A meeting, a teacher showed a graphing website that worked, but they weren't really happy. They were disappointed that the boundaries for inequalities were not clearly defined (inclusive of exclusive). Recently I found a site that has many exercises that not only address graphing, but cover anything thing from sequences to derivatives. The site is http://www.mathcasts.org. Mathcasts.org uses the java applet for… Continue

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Graphing Quadratic Functions Worksheet

Quad intro x.doc

Added by Kathleen Schweickert on February 4, 2010 at 8:33am — No Comments

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