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Snow Days Interfering with Instruction

At some point, enough is enough. We only had 1 day of school last week due to the weather and two scheduled days off. Now, this week is the MME/ACT schedule to contend with. Next week, we must end the second trimester after losing 8+ (at some point I lost track!) days due to weather. Now, it becomes an educated guessing game of what I can "skip" without hindering their movement to another teacher next trimester. I am in better shape than some of my peers, but I don't like being in this…


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Graphing Quadratic functions in Vertex form.

If you are currently teaching this section as we are in Menominee, then you are really going to like this tool.  This is a great way to show students how the different variables effect the graph of quadratics when using the vertex format. 


y = a( x - h )2 + k


Below is a link to this little tool. My kids thought this was really cool.



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State of Michigan's Finances

I find myself very interested in politics, even talking about politics with friends and colleagues at times.  I try to keep up with the ever changing envirorenment in both Lansing and Washington.  With all of that being said, I found my jaw hitting the floor after I read Governor Snyders proposed budget (click here for official document).  


I did vote for Rick Snyder.  I also understood that…


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Debriefing Meyer-ized Lesson

My colleagues and I met to discuss our successes and failures with the Spaghetti Bridge lesson.  Oddly enough, others that tried this same lesson had the same exact problems that I encountered.  Students had no drive or motivation to complete the assignment.... sadly enough, we also discussed that is much the issue during ANY lesson.  Students lack the curiosity and work ethic necessary to complete an open-ended problem such as this.  They don't want to solve the problem... it's almost like…


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Another Lesson Observation

June came and observed my lesson again today.  Unfortunately our timing did not match up this time.  I began the class with a warm-up and then passed out the test (not much to observe).  The warm-up was the peice that I worked on for this observation.  I am trying to work towards a more "math talk" like classroom.  My focus is on questioning.  My warm-up asked the students to further their knowledge with solving equations.  We have been working diligently on solving one- and two-step…


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Book readers / Kindles for Printed Texts

There are pilot programs going on.  We will probably be seeing more of these in the future.  I found this example on line Clearwater, Florida is trading in textbooks for kindles.  The economics make sense.


There are many articles about this... this one caught my eye-- the math is compelling…


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Rethinking the Mathematics Curriculum

This echos my own opinion

Endless Algebra—the Deadly Pathway from High School Mathematics to College Mathematics

Shaughnessy_52010 by NCTM President J. Michael Shaughnessy

NCTM Summing Up, February 2011 

For some time I have been concerned about the mathematics that we are teaching our K–12 students and whether it will prepare them for the problems and…


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Lesson Observation - Inequalities

It was a week ago now that June came in and observed me introduce Inequalities to my 6th grade class.  Last week was completely insane with Parent-Teacher Conferences and meetings, plus after school activities.  So finally, here is how it went...

I took your advise and assigned the warm-up that asked the students to compare numbers.  It was a great lead.  Then, all the sudden I felt somewhat unprepared.  It threw me through a loop that the students had never seen the symbol "greater…


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