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Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Good book with some interesting potential applications for testing. 

 I was thinking of applying this to what we do immediately before we give a test. 

How does that "set up" (if we do any)- impact our students to do their best.


BLINK is a fast read.  It gives the science behind why Gibb's gut works on NCIS.


Does anyone have a ritual to get their students in a good frame of mind to test well.


For a…


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What is a teacher worth?

Below is a playful (yet passionate) interpretation of the perception that teachers are nothing more than "glorified babysitters".  The author, David Coffey from Spring Lake, hits a chord with me and some of the frustration I have felt (as of late) regarding the public's perception of teachers.


Enjoy and feel free to comment.


BTW... this article is starting to pop up in newspapers throughout the state.  I found it at at this…


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Trying out the new video camera

I decided to try out my new video camera and set it up on a little tripod in the back of the classroom while I did an activity with my Algebra 2 class today.  It was a very interesting experiment!

I told my students what I was doing, it was for my own personal use and to carry on as usual.  Here are some of the observations I made while I was going through the activity:

It kept me really focused on my personal goals for the activity.  I was working on wait time, giving clear…


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3-14 In honor of Pi

A friend sent me this link for a song about pi. It's cute, so I thought that I'd share it.

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Document Camera Freezing

I have the Avermedia document camera and I have had some issues with it freezing on me.  I will be doing notes or going through an example problem and the screen will freeze.  I have to shut down the Aver program and re-open it.  Now, some days I can use the camera all day long and no freezing, but then it will freeze every five minutes on other days.  Does anybody else experience this?  Any ideas on what to do?  And no, I'm not just accidently pushing the freeze button!

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After School Meetings

I've come to grow quite fond of our little After School meetings!  The discussion is always quite intense, world problems are solved, and the food is always good, too!


Last week, we met yet again.  Topics up for discussion included possible changes to our final project before the May presentation.  We talked about A4A lessons that we've recently tried in the classroom and plan to use in the future.  We discussed the Responsibility for Learning lens.  Finally, at the last…


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Back to Health

This semester has started as a severe challenge for me.  I was tired and had upper respiratory stuff that just wouldn't quit.  I finally spiked a fever as I tried to teach one morning.  I ended up with terrible chills that came on very rapidly.  My principal had to take over my class until help could be called. 


Long story short...after multiple tests including x-ray and the CT scan....pneumonia.  I was, however, very fortunate.  I only had upper right lobe and was able to be…


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What role does questioning have in your classroom?

I admit it.  I'm late. Today was the first day that I had a specific non-math objective.  The math related learning targets centered around understanding various parts of a graph (slope, y-intercept, attributes, etc), but I really wanted students to focus on asking good questions.  Overall, the lesson went really well and the questions asked led me to believe students understand more than they demonstrate on quizzes.  But... the issue was having students effectively question each other while…


Added by Patricia Ragsdale on March 3, 2011 at 9:14am — 3 Comments

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