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How many people...?

Last week, my morning classes from our Knabusch Mathematics and Science Center were supposed to go to Sterling State Park to plant some trees and do some beach clean-up (a yearly activity). Due to the weather, we were unable to go and I was left scrambling for an activity that I could do with both my geometry class and algebra class the day before spring break. The week prior, one of my afternoon students had wondered how many students you could fit in the classroom.


So, I…


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Retention of learning.

Does anyone feel that students ability to retain material is not what is used to be?  I have been teaching for 16 years now and it seems that when a student is exposed to a new lesson, it goes in one ear and out the other.  They are really good with it during class, but when they walk out of the building it all goes away.  I have heard so many kids come in the next day and ask me what we did the day before.  Also, if I tell them we are having a test the next day, they show up without a…


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Last After-School Meeting

Well, it's a sure sign of spring when the snow has melted, the kids have gone absolute stir-crazy for summer, and my colleagues and I gathered for our last Algebra for All After-School meeting.


This time, we had so many things to talk about - there wasn't much time to waste.


First on the agenda was the upcoming final project for our last face-to-face meeting in May.  I came across an astounding lesson in the Connected Math series that we tweaked and adjusted…


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I just finished reading the book "Focus" by Mike Schmoker.  It it a great book for any curriculum, not just math. 


The first part of the book explores general teaching strategies and the importance of keeping things simple, providing clarity and prioritizing the curriculum. 


The second half of the book explores different curriculum areas: English, Social Studies, Science and Math.  Obviously, I concentrated on the math section of the second part.  The…


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end of course reflections

I really enjoyed the way that the course allowed us to participate in activities and think as a student would.  I thought that it did an excellent job at forcing us to pick at different components of functions, like cause and effect, similarities and differences, and especially at the relationship between one particular function and its equation, graph, table, and real life application.  The only thing that I found disappointing about the class is that my students… Continue

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Final Project

I've been looking through tons of lessons and trying to figure out what to do for that final project - coming up with some type of assessement that will lead students towards more THINKING on their own.... more problem solving on their own.  I think the Spaghetti Bridge has been retired, at least for now.  I'm sure there's a great science teacher out there somewhere that will gladly pick up my slack on that one!  Lol! 


At any rate, I'm off to work on the lesson, and I'll be…


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