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Interactive graphing online

Throughout the Algebra for All online sessions, the one part that has intrigued me has been all of the online graphing options. I very rarely used online graphing or even computer graphing outside of geometer sketchpad. I love all the applets that have been a part of the AFA online course. I will definitely use them as part of a functions based algebra if I ever get back into the classroom again. Because I now work in PD development, I will definitely encourage the teachers I work with to… Continue

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School Safety

Sometimes we take for granted that we live in an area that is considered safe and that school shootings wouldn't happen here. Up in Menominee, the community across the bridge, had a hostage situation with a student yesterday and last night.

I would hope that everyone's school would have a plan in… Continue

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Functions - Similarities and Differences

If you were asked to create lists covering the similarities and differences between exponential, logarithmic, and rational functions, what would you have on your lists? I recently had to answer this question from the seat of a student and was surprised how long it took me to decide what to write down. When I talked with my students, they mostly went with the graphs (which I also did), but a few talked about the inverse. As a learner, I was not sure - which made me think about rubrics and I… Continue

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Does anyone have any interesting information about Gizmos? I would like to hear about what they are, how you are using them, if you feel they have enhanced your teaching, how the students approach using them or feel about them, etc...

I would appreciate any responses - I want to discuss this at our next building meeting.


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Aahh.... Student Budget Lesson Delivered!

Well, due to scheduling issues, I ended up video-taping my lesson on the Student Budget Lesson. Although there was not a live teacher in the classroom to observe my teaching, we debriefed and reviewed the lesson at our After School meeting. We discussed my wait time on my questioning, along with the types of questions that I was asking. I've always tried to force myself to wait just a little bit longer for students to answer, so my wait time seemed to be pretty solid. As for the types of… Continue

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First Trimester is just about over.

The school year seems to be flying by this year. It is hard to believe that on Wednesday our first trimester will be complete. I am going to miss my students as they head to a new teacher to continue their algebra studies. I am getting a new set of students next trimester for my algebra classes; only 5-6 students stay with me. That is what I like least about trimesters. It seems as soon as you have the rapport built in your classroom, you must start anew.

I plan to do the…


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Tables, tables, & tables

I have been teaching for three years now. Prior to this year, tables have had no real importance in my class. The only need for a table was to obtain a set of values to help us graph some function. But this was all before I was "brain washed" by AFA!

Now I see the importance of tables. My classroom has been so table-intensive. We still use tables to help us graph, but now tables are also used to help us identify functions, write function rules, and so much more. For…

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Math is not Linear-----Commentary on how we teach math.... wish I'd said that

This was shared by a honorable member of our PLC-Professional Learning Community

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Conrad Wolfram on Math and Technology

From, a talk by Conrad Wolfram. (Conrad Wolfram runs the worldwide arm of Wolfram Research, the mathematical lab behind the cutting-edge knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha)…


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Scheduling and Technology

Well, I'll be teaching my Student Budget lesson this week. I'm looking forward to seeing how my students will "problem-solve" their way out of this one. I've got 8th graders for Algebra, and I'm pretty sure they've got the background knowledge they'll need to make a success of this lesson. In addition, they'll get to see a real-world application to linear functions and how they can be used. Awesome!

Some fellow Algebra for All colleagues and I had an after-school meeting…

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Sir Ken Robinson- Changing Paradigms in Education

Watch this video first then read on...

I am a big fan of the lecture series TedTalks ( I first heard about Dy/Dan (AKA: Meyer) from the Ted lecture. Intellectual cotton candy... indulge your sweet tooth every once and a while... check them out.

I find this particular video very interesting (which is an animated adaption… Continue

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After reading Patricia's post I am a bit disappointed in my district. I finally had both my document camera and projector installed on Thursday and I have ordered a remote for my computer (3 months into the school year). I wish my district would push technology more... Friday was amazing though. My students love technology. We had a blast using my document camera and projecting both computer documents and peices of paper onto the screen. I think the document camera can really make learning…


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How are you using technology in your math class?

My district has invested in a lot of technology this year. We now have interactive whiteboards, document cameras, and a host of other materials in our classrooms. Surveys are being distributed asking teachers about the types of web resources or presentation tools they are using. Obviously, "technology" in math is no longer just using the graphing calculators. I feel like I am on an exponential learning curve. So, I want to ask the advice of fellow math teachers because I don't… Continue

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Linear Problem as a Reference

You can eat a slice of pizza at a rate of 2 slices per minute. Write a model that shows the number of slices you can eat in h hours. Then find how long it will take you to eat 1048 slices of pizza. Then graph your results on a coordinate plane. Include a legend on your graph.

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Objectives for teaching 11th grade functions

● interpret graphs of
functions and relations
● review function notation
● learn about the linear,
quadratic, square root,
absolute-value, and
semicircle families of
● apply transformations—
translations, reflections,
and dilations—to the
graphs of functions and
● transform functions to
model real-world data

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Reference Problem Linear Function

Sample Problem
A recording studio charges musicians an initial fee of $70 to record an album. Studio time costs an additional $25 per hour. Write an equation that gives the total cost of an album as a function of studio time (in hours).

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Rene Descartes

"We never understand a thing so well, and make it our own,

as when we have discovered it for ourselves."
- Rene Descartes

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CC- Core Curriculum- the new national standards

The Cadillac math department 7-12 spent our second session- an all day session - realigning our curriculum to the new national standards. There is still an insistence to inject complex numbers and logarithms into Algebra 1. That does not seem possible at this time.

However because the 7th grade has had an infusion of good teachers- the students that we are seeing in 8th grade are coming in so much better prepared that we are revamping our 8th grade pacing guide to reflect that. We had…


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New National Standards are coming.

Here is an article about it if you haven't heard about this concept yet. Our school is looking into this already and I am sure that yours is too. More change on the way. I bet you can't wait to alter your teaching again.

Here is an interesting quote from the… Continue

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