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Creating a Mathematical Community

One of the cornerstones of my philosophy on education is that for a student to be successful in a classroom, they need to feel that they are part of a mathematical community. A community where they feel safe to share their ideas and engage in discussion. However, this can be a very difficult concept to establish.

Granted, I have only been teaching for going on two years, but I know that I still have a long way to go in creating this community. So when we were given the article… Continue

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A Coaching Approach

Before participating in Algebra for All, I spent last year involved in the MMSTLC (Michigan Mathematics & Science Teacher Leadership Collaborative). There are many similarities between the two organizations. Without going through a lengthy paragraph comparing and contrasting the two groups, I want to emphasize the main similarity…a focus on student learning. Through lesson studies, it becomes clear that it’s not about whether GLCEs or CCEs were taught, but rather students were able to… Continue

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Connected Math Program

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but there are SO many similarities between the Algebra for All activities and the Connected Math Program developed at Michigan State University. I've used CMP for 7 years now, and I continue to be amazed at the depth of knowledge kids have in areas of integers, linear relationships, and probability, just to name a few. When we did "Marching in Place" during Day 2 of Algebra for All and the "Paper Folding" in Day 4, I was amazed to discover that the… Continue

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We need to ban the use of y=mx+b so if we use TI calculators we do not have to reteach to a+bx. it would make more sense to just begin with a+bx and move to comparing change throughout our functions!

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Lesson Study

I don't know how many of you were involved in the lesson study Michigan grant program a few years ago, but I really thought that was the one of the most worthwhile trainings I have been to in years. We collaborated as a department on one lesson. We analyzed the different methods of teaching that lesson over a period of time and discussed it with other districts about methodology. What happened was that our math department developed a method to help students understand factoring quadratics. The… Continue

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Using "clickers" in the classroom...

This past summer our district installed Promethean Boards in all the math classrooms (10 rooms). In addition, our school received 4 sets of ActivExpression Classroom Response systems (32 untis in a set). These units are handheld devices that each student uses wirelessly at their desk. They can input numerical answers, choose multiple choice answers, text in 140 characters, choose "yes" or "no" or "true" or "false" and also use a Likert scale. When we first received these devices, I did not use… Continue

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FREE Virtual TI-83 Plus for your desktop

directions for downloading a virtual ti-83 plus

--download found at

on this page click on

"TI-83 Plus SDK "

jump thru the hoop directions

this should put an icon on your desktop

right cllck and select open to open the icon

ok you… Continue

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A4A November

I really enjoyed the paper folding you-tube video clip. I am excited to show this to my classes after we complete the activity. I remember seeing the activity at GVSU, but for some reason I haven't used it yet. I also enjoyed the graphing calculator regression.

This week I had a chance to use the CBR match the graph activity with my Algebra students. They loved it! I was able to get some students that normally are very "undesirable" to participate and have fun. I had them follow up with… Continue

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