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An Invitation to an Online Common Core Discussion

Wow the Common Core has so much to it! Lesson plans, formative assessments, performance based tasks, online evaluations, response to intervention, universal design for learning, etc.

Anyone else trying to stomp through the muddy water of starting this up to get the reward of higher standards and deeper student understanding?

All of us of course, while we try not to lose our minds.

As I sit here on this rainy afternoon…


Added by Jeanette Lynn Stein on June 21, 2012 at 4:40pm — No Comments

ACT/MME preparation

I teach both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  In our district we spend time in Algebra 2 for review targeted to MME preparation.   I was wondering if any other districts spend time preparing their students for the MME. 

I concentrated a lot on reviewing geometry topics last year since our students take geometry in 9th grade and algebra 1 in 10th grade.  I attended a workshop at the DACTM conference last fall where the presenter said to really review the pythagorean triples and right triangle…


Added by Claudia Heinrich on January 23, 2011 at 1:42pm — 1 Comment

First Two Weeks Shapes of Algebra

Since theory and reality are not always the same I thought I would comment on how the Shapes of Algebra is going in my classes the first two weeks. I have had to make adjustments to the calendar that I set up in the summer sessions because I am finding that it takes a lot of time.

In my Algebra 1 class I took the Shapes of Algebra activity and broke it down into smaller components. My first objective was to have the students learn to use the Y= graphing screen and think about what…


Added by Claudia Heinrich on September 20, 2010 at 8:13pm — 2 Comments

Launch of Shapes of Algebra

Last year when I tried the SOA activity at the start of the year, it was an extremely frustrating experience. The students were unable to complete the tasks without me standing over their shoulders asking questions to bring the knowledge from middle school back into action. This is okay if you are dealing with one or two groups, but near impossible when every group in the room is demanding the same help. I was exhausted and disheartened by the end of the first day of the…


Added by Barbara Assenmacher on September 10, 2010 at 5:22pm — 2 Comments

Geogebra Java Applet - Great for graphing

At the recent A4A meeting, a teacher showed a graphing website that worked, but they weren't really happy. They were disappointed that the boundaries for inequalities were not clearly defined (inclusive of exclusive). Recently I found a site that has many exercises that not only address graphing, but cover anything thing from sequences to derivatives. The site is uses the java applet for… Continue

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Disgruntled Math Students

This year I have a group of freshmen for Algebra I that have a very negative attitude about math in general.

It doesn't matter if I teach a lesson, give them book work, have them do a group activity, etc. They are always dissatisfied with anything I give to them. I was hoping to get some feedback about how other teachers deal with the negative attitudes. Is there any activities that work particularly well with your challenging students? This group is really interested in music, so I try to… Continue

Added by Liz Racignol on January 29, 2010 at 12:08pm — 4 Comments

A Coaching Approach

Before participating in Algebra for All, I spent last year involved in the MMSTLC (Michigan Mathematics & Science Teacher Leadership Collaborative). There are many similarities between the two organizations. Without going through a lengthy paragraph comparing and contrasting the two groups, I want to emphasize the main similarity…a focus on student learning. Through lesson studies, it becomes clear that it’s not about whether GLCEs or CCEs were taught, but rather students were able to… Continue

Added by Jeff Willard on December 24, 2009 at 8:46am — 2 Comments

Steps of Algebra

The next activity from A4A that I brought into my classroom was the ‘Steps of Algebra’ activity that we performed. I grouped my students by fours and allowed them to choose their roles. My largest group only had 3 groups in one room, so I didn’t have problems with all groups going at one time. Each group took their data, graphed it on large pieces of butcher paper and put it into their calculators to find a regression equation. One of the interesting happenings was one group who made a mistake… Continue

Added by Sean Karsten on November 11, 2009 at 6:07pm — 1 Comment

Shapes of Algebra - Linear

During the first meeting for Algebra for All we took part in the activity called “Shapes of Algebra.” First off I want to say how glad I am that we go through the activities that we are given so we get the chance to see how they work. Also important is the chance to talk about modifications and extensions that we might want to try in our classrooms. Again this is where having a room full of math teachers comes in handy.

I also want to say that I enjoy the presenters saying to us that… Continue

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