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Learning Styles

Here is a link to an article called Let Me Learn My Own Way

This is taken from the ASCD Smart Brief

ASCD Smart Brief

"Education consultant Jane Kise's recent study showed that learners with different cognitive styles have significantly different approaches to math. But what does this mean for teachers? Kise answers…


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Math Anxiety

Here is a link to an article on Math Anxiety.


I have noticed in my classroom that students with higher levels of anxiety are the also very focused on their grades.

I think the ideas that…


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Trying out the new video camera

I decided to try out my new video camera and set it up on a little tripod in the back of the classroom while I did an activity with my Algebra 2 class today.  It was a very interesting experiment!

I told my students what I was doing, it was for my own personal use and to carry on as usual.  Here are some of the observations I made while I was going through the activity:

It kept me really focused on my personal goals for the activity.  I was working on wait time, giving clear…


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ACT/MME preparation

I teach both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  In our district we spend time in Algebra 2 for review targeted to MME preparation.   I was wondering if any other districts spend time preparing their students for the MME. 

I concentrated a lot on reviewing geometry topics last year since our students take geometry in 9th grade and algebra 1 in 10th grade.  I attended a workshop at the DACTM conference last fall where the presenter said to really review the pythagorean triples and right triangle…


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Teaching to the Middle

I was watching CNN Morning news the other day and the following story caught my attention:

Former Govs. Bush and Wise push for digital learning

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, R, convened at the national summit on education reform in…


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Homework - Is it always meaningful and relevant?

Here is a link to a series of articles about making homework meaningful and relevant.

Home practice in mathematics certainly makes sense, but what is the correct formula for making it meaningful and relevant?…


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First Two Weeks Shapes of Algebra

Since theory and reality are not always the same I thought I would comment on how the Shapes of Algebra is going in my classes the first two weeks. I have had to make adjustments to the calendar that I set up in the summer sessions because I am finding that it takes a lot of time.

In my Algebra 1 class I took the Shapes of Algebra activity and broke it down into smaller components. My first objective was to have the students learn to use the Y= graphing screen and think about what…


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