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What is a teacher worth?

Below is a playful (yet passionate) interpretation of the perception that teachers are nothing more than "glorified babysitters".  The author, David Coffey from Spring Lake, hits a chord with me and some of the frustration I have felt (as of late) regarding the public's perception of teachers.


Enjoy and feel free to comment.


BTW... this article is starting to pop up in newspapers throughout the state.  I found it at at this…


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"First look" analysis of the common core and ACT

Welcome to 2011 everyone.


\uap>Attached below is a study published by ACT that reflects on and uses last year's ACT data from states like Michigan to predict how students would have preformed in relation to the Common core standards.


\uap>Not surprisingly, the study confirms the ideas and principals of mathematics instruction that we have been discussing at A4A for two years now!


\uap>Here is an exerpt from the… Continue

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Sir Ken Robinson- Changing Paradigms in Education

Watch this video first then read on...

I am a big fan of the lecture series TedTalks ( I first heard about Dy/Dan (AKA: Meyer) from the Ted lecture. Intellectual cotton candy... indulge your sweet tooth every once and a while... check them out.

I find this particular video very interesting (which is an animated adaption… Continue

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Common core documents

I've attached three document that look at the common core:\uabr> The common core itself: \uaa href="">CCSSI_Math Standards.pdf\uabr> A document that aligns the common core to HSCE: \uabr> \uaa href="">HS_CCS_Mathematics_-_HSCE_Topic_and_Course_Alignment_sc_4-23-10_319488_7.pdf\uabr>\uabr> A document that aligns the HSCE to… Continue

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Using cell phones to teach algebra!

Recently a friend emailed me a message titled, "Using cell phones to teach algebra". The email was only a link to the following article that Education Week Magazine published: "Solving Algebra using SmartPhones"

The article goes on to explain how one school in NC received a grant that allowed them to give each of their students a windows… Continue

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Wordle Fun is a great site to create FREE "word clouds". At Wordle you enter text into a screen and a java application picks words by how often they are used in the text. The more often a word is used... the bigger the word is in the word cloud. It also screens out words like "it", "and", "I", "to", etc... wordle keeps a list of these words they call "not" words... What is left is a really interesting looking frequency graph of what words are being… Continue

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M4A - Moodle for Algebra

Moodle websites for Algebra

Moodle is an open source – online – platform that is very much like the “BlackBoard” platforms that most colleges use (however many are switching to moodle these days). I’ve used it with my ap classes in the past , but this year I’ve experimented using it with a freshman algebra class and they have taken to the program surprisingly well. You can enter mine as a guest and see what I have up (but please remember it is a work in progress).

Go to… Continue

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