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Another Lesson Observation

June came and observed my lesson again today.  Unfortunately our timing did not match up this time.  I began the class with a warm-up and then passed out the test (not much to observe).  The warm-up was the peice that I worked on for this observation.  I am trying to work towards a more "math talk" like classroom.  My focus is on questioning.  My warm-up asked the students to further their knowledge with solving equations.  We have been working diligently on solving one- and two-step…


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Lesson Observation - Inequalities

It was a week ago now that June came in and observed me introduce Inequalities to my 6th grade class.  Last week was completely insane with Parent-Teacher Conferences and meetings, plus after school activities.  So finally, here is how it went...

I took your advise and assigned the warm-up that asked the students to compare numbers.  It was a great lead.  Then, all the sudden I felt somewhat unprepared.  It threw me through a loop that the students had never seen the symbol "greater…


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Lesson Observation

I am working with June to perfect my teaching and to focus my teaching on Algebra and a "math talk community".  Currently I am teaching 6th grade mathematics.  This is the first year that students are introduced to variables, negative numbers, and the like.  The way I see it, is this is the year that is going to predict their algebraic future.  I am THE teacher you can blame when they don't know how to solve a simple equation or understand an algebraic expression.  This is a critical year…


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After reading Patricia's post I am a bit disappointed in my district. I finally had both my document camera and projector installed on Thursday and I have ordered a remote for my computer (3 months into the school year). I wish my district would push technology more... Friday was amazing though. My students love technology. We had a blast using my document camera and projecting both computer documents and peices of paper onto the screen. I think the document camera can really make learning…


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Interesting Trivia

This probably is not related to Algebra, but it is interesting enough to share. John Chandonet sent me an e-mail message a few days ago that stated...

An interesting fact about October 2010: This October has 5 fridays, 5 saturdays and 5 sundays, all in…


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