I teach both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  In our district we spend time in Algebra 2 for review targeted to MME preparation.   I was wondering if any other districts spend time preparing their students for the MME. 

I concentrated a lot on reviewing geometry topics last year since our students take geometry in 9th grade and algebra 1 in 10th grade.  I attended a workshop at the DACTM conference last fall where the presenter said to really review the pythagorean triples and right triangle trig, so I think I will emphasize those more this year.

If you spend time preparing your students for the MME, please share what works for you.

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Comment by Jamie Tuch on February 2, 2011 at 10:04pm


I teach algebra II and we cover the trig. sections right at the beginning of the year.  We get it out of the way early and then retouch on it before the ACT/MME.  I know there are some stipulations as to teaching to the test in a short time before the kids take it.  It seems that high school kids are at a disadvantage on these tests because most have not seen trig yet.  When I taught 7th grade I had to teach the whole book in the first few months before the test, and then after the test was over I was supposed to go back and teach them all over again except much slower now.  Our middle school would brag about how high their scores were, and I have always been a high school teacher.  I really disliked the policy but had to follow rules.  To this day I am sure I ruined their bragging because I tell people exactly what they do to get those scores.

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